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.s. california foreclosure are now at the lowest level since 2007. 5-3 5-31,000 foreclosure in third quarter of this year. that's down 13 percent compared to last year. california saw 45 percent decline in foreclosure over the last year that's the biggest did he children in the nation. >> to southern california now where the space shuttle endeavor getting ready for the final trip this will take it 12 miles down the road to museum in los angeles. this is a live picture of a shuttle white is being held in los angeles. shuttle has sat there for 3 week at the los angeles international airport in this hangar. before dawn hits the shuttle again the very complicated and slow move through the streets. streets will be closed. whole bunch of tree cut did you know and power lines have been removed or raised in some cases. the trip is expected to take two days. what an operation that is. >> my goodness what a sight that will be. a lot of rain in southern california this morning. we had a little bit here as well. >> a little bit. spencer tracks it for us and here with the latest forecast. >> so
is california specific. they blame low fuel production on august she have respect refinery fire in richmo, igh prsure in tonsower surge at exx mobile and maintenance on crude oil pipe in southern california >> all of these refinery issues coming together at the same time l essentially the perfect storm if you will. >>reporter: pricey storm gas says is driving up wholesale gas prices for retailers. who are then raising prices at the pump. >> there is not a shortage per se. there is more a perception of shortages. >>reporter: it was price and oil forecaster insist the reason for the current gas price surge are false. >> everybody is jack up their wholesale prices not because of current ortages but shingtonthey anticipate to be shortages. >>reporter: he says conmers are being held hostage by shortage scare that doesn't exist. but everyone agrees prices are going up. and they will continue going up by as much as 10 cents a day this week. hitting california consumers right where it hurts. keep going up. and t onomy noto good writ no so making it harder for us. >>reporter: so wha
a consultant on the film. >>> another shark attack off the coast of california, and tonight a surfer is badly hurt. it is the second in a few days in fact. the fatal attack happened last week in southern california and another happened at noon off the humboldt coastline. john is here to explain why this time of year means sharks get closer to people. >> today's incident follows the fatal attack that happened in southern california. there have been several noninjury shark encounters this year. it is why some surfers call this month sharktober. the image on the surfboard says it all. a chunk taken out by what is believed to be a great white shark. it seriously injured a 25-year-old surfer off the coast of humboldt county. he had a 14-inch gash from his ribs to his hip. >> we hoped on him right away. me and another guy that happened to be an emt. we hoped on top of him and used our body weight to hold it in and make sure he wasn't bleeding too bad. >> another victim put him in his truck and rushed him to waiting help. >> they were in the back of the car and applying pressure to the wounds. the g
that high for 89 not even premium. >> last time this bad in california was 2008. and this spike is supposed to be even worse. the reason? gasoline shortage. due to pipeline outage and closure in southern california and the chevron refinery fire in richmond in august. whole sale praise up 1 dollar meanshe price at the pump is shooting up too. >> 170 dollars for5 gallon. >>porter: in uthe california tis indepennt gas station is charging nearly 6 dollars a gallon. >> take it all down and have no goods or we have to just charge that. we have no option. >>reporter: analyst at gas say prices everywhere will rise until next week. and then level out. some gas station owners may opt to close instead of selling pricey gas. >> risking thousands of dollars of losses some station opens are throwing in the towel and saying forget it i'll buy goods when it drops in price. >> reporter: the owner of this business dent have that option. he needs gas now and someone has to pay for it. >> i have to tell my customers that the praises are even higher than usual. >>reporter: analyst say prices
. they actually haven't paid for the rights to do this. they have been a long sponsor of the california science center. they are getting this opportunity, and it is a pretty spectacular opportunity for them. this could happen in the next matter of moments. and then it will go back on to the carrier. tomorrow there will be more of a journey and they will find the event actual -- the eventual home at the science center. if you ever make it down to southern california check out the science center near usc and you can see the shuttle up close and personal. reporting live, channel 7 news. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. >>> still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, it is official. we will tell you when and where the next giants playoff game will be held. >> and it took more than 50 years, but now a 93-year-old south bay woman finally has her college degree. >> and on-line shopping upgraded. the hot new act that brings your purchases to you within the hour. and coming up on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" a sex scandal in a sleepy town with an exercise instructor, her alleged prostitutio
:00 a.m. this morning. scheduled for fuel stop in apple valley, california. final destination was scheduled for regional airport in tucson, arizona. now the plane came to the attention of authorities after it was reported missing by the pilot's wife. she became concerned when he didn't show up for a scheduled fuel stop. now officials in arizona half moon bay have been lacking for the plane but so far have come up empty. now the craft seats 2 but it wasn't medley clear if he was traveling alon alone. now the faa for their part are lacking both here and in arizona and 50 mile radius around both airports. they are asking that anyone with information contact authorities medley. again, that tail number november 7 2 alpha hote hotel. again anyone with any information at all is ken urged to contact authorities. live in half machine bay. >> it's anxious night there thank you very much gentleman moving on now. a crucial night for the giants. they tied it up here at home tonight against the cardinals one game appease sfv fans were ecstatic tonight. last thing they wented was
, and the guardians of the california victory cannon are still here tonight. because of scheduling issues tomorrow we will see the earliest big game ever. add two more sporting events that have never been seen in the bay area before, and you have one very busy weekend in october. as far as these cal students are concerned, the big game is already on. but the actual kickoff of the big game between cal and stanford doesn't start until noon on saturday in berkeley. it is just one of several sporting events around the bay area. while cal and stanford are going at it, it will be in full swing with skateboarders grinding up picnic benches for the crowd and those like sketchy andy lewis showing off their skills. >> the hardest maneuver is doing a front flip on your feet and back on a 360. other things like a chest bounce where you land on your chest and then spinning flat to the ground 360 degrees and landing back on your chest. >> fans at this free event can actually mingle with the athletes. >> oh yes, that's moi main thing. i am just talking to the fans and hearing what they have to say. >> meanwhile, th
. >> the mayor of san bruno talking about how he thinks the california public utilities commission is handling the aftermath of the devastating explosion that killed eight people two years ago. survivors watched as the city council unanimously passed a resolution calling on the head of the scene to quit or be fired. >> i can't bring my daughter back. i am so happy that they are able to stand in front of everyone and support basically what the city needs. >> the city is faulting cpuc president michael pevy for suspending the public hearings to determine how much pg&e might be fined and blaming the regulator for poor oversight. >> they join the uh assembly and calling for the immediate removal of the public utility president michael pevy who failed in his fundamental duty to protect the citizens of the city of san bruno. >> george mitchell was brought in to mediate talks over the potential fines. they accuse him of a backdoor deal to get mitchell on board. and now the mayor wants mitchell and his law firm to step down. >> we are coming to find out when they came out to talk to some of the groups
coming to the bay area. i'll be back with live doppler 7-hd. >> carolyn: members of the california national guard are headed east. 88 troops took off in transport planes at moffett field. they will report to north carolina and be knriopd in there. red cross has cancelled hundred blood drives on the east coast and to help make up for the blood loss there are several blood drives taking place here this week. we'll let you know where to go on our website. >> dan: the storm is massive. as a result. thousands of flights were cancelled because of it including more than 150 at sfo. lilian kim caught up with passengers who might not make it out until the etd of the week at the earliest. >> reporter: that's right. people from the east coast have been forced to take an extended vacation. >> hotels have been busy the past couple days. a couple from boston flew in from hawaii but connecting flight was cancelled. >> we had the tsunami warnings stow i evacuation from honolulu. earliest flight is thursday but they are making the most of their stay. they plan to visit fisherman's wharf and golden
from the california counter part. except that when it comes to being an out of counter -- there's nothing like having home field advantage. >> i have been getting heckled but i'm doing all right. >> strange interfamiliar land lives not far away in illinois but he likes the giants. >> i was a big barry bond fan and took my allegiance to san francisco with him. >> he sees many more games here than there. immanuel coming to the stadium as giants fan and being hand add cardinals towel to wave. or seeing a woman who painted all 10 of her fingers in cardinal symbol e. do you see any orange in all of this red? >> this town is red. this is red october. cardinal town. >> which means if you are a giants fan uttering the words go giants you have to wonder if anyone is listening. for fans in st. louis during this game 4 there have been better nights. >> i think they are scared. they are feeling sad. we are doing well. >>reporter: more than a little too well as far as giants fans are concerned. as the rainfal rainfalls on busch stadium ready to turn the later out, their sentiment ec
into southern california we will see clouds and sprinkles for your thursday and friday. as we head into your saturday morning this cold front may bring in some early showers on saturday. but it will be early morning if we get anything. tomorrow afternoon upper 50s to the low 70s. it will be a cooler day. partly to mostly cloudy for the afternoon. the morning will feature a few early showers. and around the monterey bay, 65 in santa cruz. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, after the early morning drop we are going for a few sprinkles for thursday and friday. a warmer pattern, but a chance of showers in the north bay on saturday morning. then notice the second half of the weekend is dry. mid80s by wednesday up ander 60s coast. mike will be here from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. it is not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these people want the chance. they have all entered through our facebook page. the winner will be announced after the 49ers game. you can enter. go to news. click on the win $49,000. that will take you to the forum where you can enter your details. somebody is going t
jeans black boots red top with pink brace on her teeth >> police in southern california say man who was set on fire appears to be a victim in all of this. with no connection. you are looking at video from last friday outside long beach market. victim is sitting on the ground on the left-hand side of the screen. man walk up tosses a mug to have kong tail sets him on fir fire. victim in the hospital in critical but stable condition with serious burns. there noise evidence the suspect and the victim know one another. >>> well new at 11. las vegas police have zero in on man suspected of stealing 1.6 million dollars in casino chip chips. they believe he walked into the casino on october 10. got into a closed area where he pried open a chip container. unlikely he will be able to redeem the high value chips. >> tomorrow apple is expected to make its biggest product announcement since revealing the i-pad. apple is expected to unveil a smaller less expensive tablet the invitation only announcement set for 10:00 a.m. in san jose. now david louie will be live tweeting the event as it
that bit and killed a surfer off california's central coast was a great white. the santa barbara county sheriff's office released this photo showing marks from the shark's teeth on the bottom of the surfboard. the great white was at least 15 feet long. it was big. the shark researcher made that determination after examining the body of francisco javier solorio who was killed in the shark attack. >>> in an exclusive interview, a former san jose police officer says time card fraud in the department is rampant. he is suing the city. the city, the police department and two other officers. he says they routinely went out to eat or took in a movie when they were forced to work. he was forced to retire early after his team labeled him a snitch. it began in october 2010 when he says he left a poohy swraw party. >> i -- when he left a pizza party. >> that's the coaster, but do i have to do what people do? no. it is just because people say it is okay it doesn't mean it is okay. >> a representative from the city attorney's office says it has reviewed the complaint and found the claims to be unsubs
spree that stunned northern california. exclusive confession tapes on sichbilityd you will keep digging. thanks dan. >> let's get a check of the forecast right now. >> weekend almost here. sandy is here with the forecast. >> it is looking spectacular upcoming weekend plans. show you a picture right now. this is unbelievable. look at this shot. this was sent by the squaw valley open today just for a day. winter fundraiser for skiers and to the public and it's the earliest it has opened since 19 skichlt you can clearly see why. couple of feet of snow this week with the recent storms and it looks dry for the next three days if heading up there to just go play in the snow. let's check out live doppler 7 hd writ now. skies clear and headed to a cold night. own radar on mt. st. helens that. rain in the forecast a chance later on and i'll talk about that in just a moment. it will be tracking that moisture when it develops. temperatures in the 50's and 60's running cooler than where you were yesterday at this tim time. so here are the highlights clear and cold tonight. sunny an mi
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